T4F is an independent corporate finance firm based in Milan which specialises in M&A deals and Corporate Finance activities.
T4F was set up by a group of professionals with long-standing experience in leading financial institutions and industrial companies.
T4F aims to provide high quality, tailor-made services to diversified customers such as entrepreneurs, SMEs, industrial groups and Private Equity firms.
The T4F team has had extensive experience in cross-border deals due to its solid network of international relationships with professionals and leading consulting firms.
Thanks to the experience of its qualified team in financial advisory services, T4F supports the management and the entrepreneurs during the complex phases of corporate change.
T4F is also interested in investing its own equity in opportunities in sectors where T4F partners have a long track record, by sharing their knowledge and competence for the growth of these target companies.


Evaluating a company is a complex process. It is important to combine financial theories with practical and professional experience.


The heterogeneous and articulated market requires the definition of complex commercial strategic agreements. The ability to analyse the economic effects of a partnership is a key point for building a long-term and productive joint venture.


A situation of financial stress, due to an excessive level of leverage, requires interventions in order to revise the capital structure, by analysing the future cash flows that should cover debt service and financial charges.
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An independent and external view can highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a business. The review aims to identify areas of possible improvement. The results provide support to management in terms of developing their financial and strategic plans.


M&As are key aspects to support companies’ strategies. These transactions are based on strategic, financial and fiscal items. The optimization of these drivers is the critical factor for the success of the initiative.
The complexity of these high added value activities can be faced only with the knowledge and experience gained on the field over the years.


Accurate analysis of a company’s value and growth path are the key success drivers for any financial transaction. T4F’s considerable experience in financial valuation along with a detailed understanding of the Italian business scenario, is a key success factor in a continually changing and evolving global context.
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